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Machine Tools Application

Based on accumulated experience and system know-how, we can offer best solutions for the optimal production of diverse parts.

System Solutions

Doosan Machine Tools has provided system solutions to a number of customers across the world and promise customer-optimized system solutions with advanced system know-how and technological process that has long been accumulated.

Optimal Product Selection

We provide optimal production lines to clients by selecting products based on the features of items manufactured by customers, installation spaces and initial investment.

  • Korea- Engine head processing line

    Korea- Engine head processing line

  • China - Engine head & block processing line

    China - Engine head & block processing line

  • Indonesia - Differential carrier & case processing line

    Indonesia - Differential carrier & case processing line

Optimal Manufacturing

We offer optimized manufacturing technologies such as machine performance optimization, fixtures and chuck organization in order to meet quality requirements for each manufacturing process.

  • Equipment Manufacturing

    Equipment Manufacturing

  • Jig & Fixtures and Chuck Manufacturing

    Jig & Fixtures and Chuck Manufacturing

  • Line Manufacturing

    Line Manufacturing

Optimal Tooling Selection

We provide tooling solutions beyond expectations such as design & supply of multi-functional tools to increase productivity, calculation of optimal cutting conditions to maximize tool lifespan.

  • Lathe turning tools

    Lathe turning tools

  • Milling Tools

    Milling Tools

  • Optimal tool solutions

    Optimal tool solutions

Optimal Machining Process & Quality Solutions

We provide total verification of overall machining processes and their results such as machining quality, productivity, and process capability in case that customer encounter difficult-to-cut materials, complex machining condition or any other needs that can’t easily handled.

  • Machining Quality

    Machining Quality

  • Productivity (Cycle Time)

    Productivity (Cycle Time)

  • Process Capability (Cpk)

    Process Capability (Cpk)

Automation Solution

The automation solution offered by Doosan includes a robotic work-piece loading/unloading system and automated measurement/inspection devices for gantry loaders as standard features. In addition, Doosan provides an optimized solution boasting unmanned multi-item production capability powered by LPS.

  • Automation Robot

    Automation Robot

  • Gantry Loader

    Gantry Loader

  • LPS(Linear Pallet System)

    LPS(Linear Pallet System)

Peripheral Units for Automation

  • Bar Feeder & Stoker

    Bar Feeder & Stoker

  • Special Chuck

    Special Chuck

  • Centralized Coolant

    Centralized Coolant

  • Rotary Table

    Rotary Table

  • Rest


  • Automatic Measurement System

    Automatic Measurement System