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Machine Tools Application

Based on accumulated experience and system know-how, we can offer best solutions for the optimal production of diverse parts.

System Automation Guide

The production of optimized parts with various forms and materials requires system engineering activities such as the configuration of attachments for enhancing productivity and process capability, process design, and software. By using Doosan Machine Tools with a diverse lineup of products and carrying out system engineering activities based on Doosan’s experience and know-how, we will provide optimized solutions that can more than satisfy the fundamental needs of machine tools.

System Configuration

System configuration refers to a series of processes where optimal devices for clients are designed and assembled out of basic units for machine tools (chuck, jig & fixtures, tools, etc.), automation facilities (robots, linear pallet systems, gantry loaders, etc.) and other attachments. The optimized system solutions reflecting the purposes of investment, costs and a preparatory period are offered via Doosan’s technical consultation service, its applications for process design, manufacturing and operation and its professional technology validation.

  • Fixture Fixture
  • Chuck Chuck
  • Tool Tool
  • Gantry Loader Gantry Loader
  • Robot Robot
  • LPS(Linear Pallet System) LPS(Linear Pallet System)
  • Technical Consultation Technical Consultation

    Advance Analysis of Investment Feasibility

  • Application Application

    Basic engineering such as process design, manufacturing, and test operation

  • Technical Validation Technical Validation

    Differentiated engineering such as productivity and process reliability

Customer Support Process

  • Customer
  • Counseling Application
  • Sales Network
  • Technical Meeting Preceding Proposal
  • Proposal
  • Technical Meeting Following Agreement
  • Customer Testing & Delivery
  • Onsite Installation & Test Operation
  • 1. System-related (automation, application, etc.) counseling application can be made via our sales network (sales agency or office by region).
  • 2. In case the application is made, a technical meeting is held before technical review to accurately identify customer requirements and recommend optimal equipment and options. Even after a proposal is made and an agreement is signed, a final technical session is prepared to meet customer needs.
  • 3. Systems (equipment, etc.) delivery and related processes can be checked via our sales staff at any time.
  • 4. A final checkup is carried out via customer testing before delivery. Even after delivery, in order to ensure the quality of products manufactured by customers, onsite tests (installation, machining and application) are conducted, performing a final inspection.