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Fundamental Product Competitiveness

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  • High Speed Spindle Technology

    고속 주축 기술

    The waiting time is minimized by improving the performance of spindles in maximum speed and acceleration/deceleration.

    Fundamental Technology 1. Electrical Gear, Winding Switching Technology

    Winding switching technology enables spindle to boost acceleration in case it is required. Depending on gear ratios and gearshift timing, vehicle performance may differ. Against this backdrop, optimal winding switching timing applies to spindles.

    Fundamental Technology 2. High Speed Static Pressure Spindle Technology

    Static pressure spindles are structured to apply consistent pressure to bearings regardless of R.P.M. The length of the rotating part was reduced by about 210mm to significantly mitigate vibration. This technology can be effectively applied when light metal is machined at high speed or aviation parts are manufactured.

    Fundamental Technology 3. Lighter Aluminum Pulley

    Light, coated, and durable aluminum pulleys are used to shorten the time for spindle to accelerate or decelerate and save energy.

    Graph on Time to maximum spindle speed, previously 4.5 sec / currently 3.97 sec

    Shorter time for the spindle to reach its highest speed
    (Unit : seconds, PUMA 2100 8 inch spindle)

  • High rigidity Guideway Technology

    고강성 이송계 기술

    Location and speed can be easily controlled by reducing the friction of the guideway that controls spindle travel, together with ball screws.

    Fundamental Technology 1. Friction Reduction via Sliding Bearings

    All elements such as groove shape, depth, width, lubrication type, and materials, are optimized to reduce guideway friction. Ultimately, master workers carefully control the process.

    Fundamental Technology 2. Air Semi-floating Technology

    Air and oil are mixed and provided to slightly float columns and thereby reduce friction and heat. Moreover, by using Doosan’s unique semi-floating sliding plate and optimal pressure tests, maintenance costs including lubricant consumption are curtailed.

    Graph on durability improvement and comparision
  • Thermal Stability Technology

    열변위 최적화 기술

    Doosan’s unique modeling technology ensures optimal thermal stability by phase in the whole process from initial design to finished products.

    Fundamental Technology 1. Air Temperature Changes-resistant Structures

    By identifying the effects of temperature changes in the working environment on machine tools through simulation modeling, Doosan designs the least-affected structures. As a result, machining quality can be consistently maintained in diverse working environments.

    Fundamental Technology 2. Spindle/Feeding System Thermal Displacement Reduction Technology

    Cooling paths inside spindles and low-heat screws are used to minimize heat generation and control the heat for thermal displacement-sensitive spindles and feeding systems. As a result, machining quality can be consistently maintained.

    Fundamental Technology 3. Finished Product Thermal Stream Analysis

    The modeling technology is designed to analyze heat flow among units and its effects after product assembly is finished. As a result, units and cooling systems can be organized and installed, respectively, in an optimized way.

  • Easy Operation Technology

    조작 편의 기술

    The function is not provided via CNC itself. However, smart operation systems, in connection with machining programming, machine operation, and maintenance, are delivered for easier and optimized operation.

    Fundamental Technology 1. Easy to Program

    Code List : The meaning of G and M codes in the process of programming can be easily checked.
    Engraving : When carving letters on the surface of materials, the required program can also be automatically written.

    Fundamental Technology 2. Easy to Operate

    Tool load monitoring : Tool damage can be prevented in advance by analyzing the load of machines in operation.
    Tool management : The status of machines is displayed, making it possible to easily manage information.
    APC(Auto Pallet Changer) schedule : Operation by pallet can be designated in advance.

    Fundamental Technology 3. Easy to Maintain

    Alarm guidance : The causes of alarms issued while using machines and related solutions are displayed on the NC screen.
    Sensor status monitor : The status of standard sensors and solenoids can be checked.

  • Smart Monitoring Technology

    스마트 모니터링 기술

    Machines can be monitored and operated remotely.

    Fundamental Technology 1. SMART-i

    Via LAN installed on machines, machine operation information including alarms is sent to the user’s smart phone. The user can also send, edit , and save program files.

    Fundamental Technology 2. Alarm and Diagnosis

    The causes of malfunctions and related solutions are provided to enable the operator to promptly take actions. When to check and replace machines is also delivered periodically.

    Fundamental Technology 3. aI doo Control

    Build your own Smart Factory with aI doo control that offers monitoring data collection from various NCs, ERP connection & data accumulation and data analysis & solution provision by AI algorithm

    Monitoring chart over an ethernet network
  • Eco-Friendly Technology

    Eco-Friendly Technology

    Doosan Machine Tools deliver eco-friendly value and energy savings in addition to the machine's own performance.