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[New Product] DVF 6500/8000/8000T

Doosan Machine Tools has launched the DVF6500/8000/8000T with a Ø650/800mm rotary table for machining workpieces of complex shapes with a standard 12000 (option: 18000)/min high-speed built-in spindle, and initiated full-fledged sales of the new machining center. The DVF 6500/8000/8000T machining center requires an even smaller installation space than previous models and fea...

| Doosan Machine Tools

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  • [New Product] PUMA TW2100 Series

    doosan machine tools is set to unveil its new, highly productive, 8 inch class 2-spindle turning center, puma tw2100 series equipped with a high-speed gantry loader. the puma tw2100 boasts powerful performance when used to mass-produce small parts such as bearings, brackets, gears, and joints, which are components of major autom...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • [New Product] Lynx 2100G

    doosan machine tools has unveiled its newest model, the lynx 2100g, which is an upgraded version of the existing lynx 220g super, a high-productivity gang-type turning center. the lynx 2100g is a 6-inch gang-type turning center designed to perform high-speed precision machining of massive metal parts including small valves, bea...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • Eliminate and Compensate: How Doosan Handles Thermal Expansion

    the effects of heat on machine tools thermal growth is the enemy of precision machining because heat flows from hot to cold (more physics). for example, in a c-frame vertical machining center structure, heat migrates into the casting and causes expansion in the y-axis and z-axis. as the y-axis expands, the column of the machine...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • [New Product] DBC 160

    The DBC 160 is a column moving type of high-capacity boring machine equipped with a Ø160 mm boring spindle to deliver the highest power and torque in its class. The machine design is optimized for processing a wide variety of large workpieces including valves used in industrial plants, ships, and the oil gas industry. Powerful ...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • [New Product] HM 1250W

    Doosan Infracore has launched the HM 1250W, a large 1250mm pallet Horizontal Machining Center with W-axis spindle for extensive machining capability. Sharing the same platform as the HM 1250, which has already proven itself in the global market, the HM 1250W further enhanced machining capability with W-axis spindle(110 mm oute...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • [ New Product ] BM 1530M & BM 2035M

    Doosan Infracore (CEO: Dongyoun Sohn) has launched a new series of 3-Axes Double Column Machining Centers (BM 1530M & BM 2035M; hereinafter, the BM Series) optimized for machining large molds. Based on the symmetrical double-column structure, the new BM Series delivers greater rigidity and machining accuracy, coupled with therm...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • New Doosan Product: DNM 750 Ⅱ Series

    Doosan Machine Tools has launched a new vertical machining center (product name: DNM 750 II series) that delivers improved machining performance due to its new high specification spindle. The spindle is based on the direct drive(DNM 750 Ⅱ, DNM 750L Ⅱ) concept (motor is coupled in line directly to the spindle unit) and offers a...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • [New Product] DMP 500/2SP

    Equipped with a dual-spindle and a dual tool change system, the DMP 500/2SP Vertical MachiningCenter is optimzed for high volume parts production, doubling productivity compared to previous standard models. Focusing on high productivity, the machine tool delivers stable machining accuracy and a userfriendly working environment ...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • [New Product] VC 3600

    The VC 3600 is a vertical machining center that delivers greater productivity thanks to the adoption of a servo dual-pallet and superior durability due to its newly designed frame and CAM-type ATC. The high-productivity, reliable, direct-coupled spindle offers a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm with high-precision, low heat-generati...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • [ New Product ] PUMA VTR1216 series

    The PUMA VTR1216 Series is a large capacity ram type vertical turning center equipped with a wide column, a 1,250 mm diameter table, and a ram tool index system designed to enhance productivity. The series comprises the PUMA VTR1216 and the PUMA VTR1216M with a milling spindle. With its powerful cutting ability, the PUMA VTR1216...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

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