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Doosan Machine Tools, IMTEX 2019 Participant

Doosan Machine Tools Co. (CEO: Jaeseop Kim) is participating in IMTEX 2019, held from January 24th through the 30th of 2019 in Bangalore, India. The company exhibits 3 turning centers, including a high end and best selling model in the Indian market, as well as 4 machining centers to proactively respond to the rising demand in the Indian market. 1,100 companies from 23 count...

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  • “Looking for people who are more precise than machines”

    On December 3-4, Doosan Machine Tools held a scraping contest for machine tools among its own and suppliers’ employees at its machine tool plant in Namsan factory, S. Korea. Scraping is essential for assembling machine tools, and is a key skill required of workers involved in the production of machine tools. A machine tool m...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • Doosan Infracore Launches China-Exclusive Machine Tools at CIMT 2013

    On April 23, 2013, Doosan Infracore (President and CEO Yongsung Kim) announced that the company would present a total of eight kinds of cutting-edge machine tools including four new products at the China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) 2013 held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from April 22-27, 20...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • Machine Tools Also Part of Green Wave

    The world is now riding a wave of low-carbon green growth, and the movement has now reached the machine tools industry as well. Doosan Infracore has introduced new heavy-duty turning centers and machining centers to produce parts used in wind turbines as well as a new die & mold machining center that is designed to use minim...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • Doosan Machine Tools at EMO 2009

    The Machine Tool World Exhibition, promoted by the European Committee for the Co-operation among Machine Tool Industries (CECIMO), opened in Milan October 5-10. This is one of the world's four major events in the machine tool industry, along with IMTS in the US, JIMTOF in Japan and CIMT in China. This year, the 18th EMO, attract...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • Machine Tools BG Hosts DIMF 2009

    The BG introduces 46 new models in preparation for economic recovery. The Machine Tools BG held its 7th Doosan International Machine Tools Fair (DIMF 2009) at Changwon Plant 1 on May 13 and 14. On display were 46 strategic, next-generation models, including 18 turning centers, 22 machining centers and 6 electric discharge mac...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • Shanghai Machine Tools Technical Center Upgraded

    About 50 percent of all machine tools used in China are concentrated in the East Coast region, which includes Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. Competition among machine tool makers continues to intensify here, and the BG must urgently secure differentiation strategies that can sustain sales growth. To this end, the Machine Too...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • CIMT 2009

    Doosan Infracore has already achieved legendary success in the Chinese excavator market. Now, the Machine Tools BG is busily working to replicate that success in China’s US$18 billion machine tool market-the world’s biggest. The BG promoted the Doosan brand by displayed some of its latest products (three turning centers, four...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • DIA Hosts 2009 Machine Tool Distributor Meeting

    The Doosan Infracore America Machine Tool Division held its 15th annual Distributor Sales Meeting at the Westin Dawn Beach Resort in St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles March 12-14. Seventy-five representatives from twenty-eight distributors in the US, Canada and Latin America were in attendance. They discussed the current mark...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • IMTEX 2009 in Bangalore

    The 14th annual Indian Machine Tool Exhibition opened in Bangalore January 22-28, and the Machine Tools BG took advantage of this opportunity to show why Doosan Infracore is a top-tier machine tool maker with a diverse lineup to suit any budget and need. High-end models such as the PUMA MX2500LST (multifunction machining and tur...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • Korea’s Largest Machine Tools R&D Center to spearhead future development

    After one year of construction, Doosan Infracore has completed the largest development center in Korea’s machine tools industry to date. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at Changwon Factory 1 on November 28 with more than 400 people attending, including Doosan Infracore Chairman Park Yong-sung and Vice Chairman Choe Sung-chu...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

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