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[New Product] DVF 6500/8000/8000T

Doosan Machine Tools has launched the DVF6500/8000/8000T with a Ø650/800mm rotary table for machining workpieces of complex shapes with a standard 12000 (option: 18000)/min high-speed built-in spindle, and initiated full-fledged sales of the new machining center. The DVF 6500/8000/8000T machining center requires an even smaller installation space than previous models and fea...

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  • Interviews at DIMF 2007

    We have been marketing Doosan Products in Zhejiang province since 2001. Our sales office is located in Ningbo, and we have sales representatives stationed in Wenzhou, Taizhou and Jinhua. Our main customers in Zhejiang are automotive parts makers, and most of them are privately owned. Therefore, competition is keen. The Demand fo...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • DIMF 2007 Opens in korea

    The Machine Tools Business Group has opened an in-house trade show every other year since 1997 to expand into new overseas markets, enlarge the base for new orders, and boost dealers marketing capabilities. The sixth Doosan International Machine tools Fair (DIMF) was held at Changwon Plant 1 between May 16 and 19, and participan...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • Doosan Infracore takes steps to capture the Chinese machine tool market

    Doosan Infracore is busy taking steps to create the ‘Second Legend of Doosan’ in the Chinese machine tool market, the largest market in the world with a size of 13 billion USD. At the CIMT 2007 Exhibition in Beijing China on April 9th, Doosan Infracore displayed eight new models of machine tools, including five turning ce...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • DIA Host Meeting for Machine Tool Distributors

    The Doosan Infracore America Machine Tools Division hosted its thirteenth annual distributor sales meeting at the Paradise Palma Real Resort in the Dominican Republic Febuary 15-17. Eighty people were invited from thirtytwo North and Central American distributorships as well as from Joe Gibbs Racing Co. and Fanuc USA. The part...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • Commerce Minister Visits Changwon Plant 1

    Last year, Doosan Infracore achieved US$2 billion in exports, and overseas sales of machine tools have averaged at least twenty-five percent annual growth over the past three years. Indeed, the company is now hot on the heels of such global machine tool leaders as Mazak and Mori Seki.The Korean government is keen on knowing how...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • Machine Tools BG Gets Group Management Prize

    In the first quarter, the Doosan Group gives three different awards (Management Performance, Management Innovation and Special) to the affiliates with the best operational performance, EBIT growth, or efforts to implement changes and build new business during the previous year. For 2007, the Doosan Infracore Machine Tools BG wa...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • Doosan Infracore in the News

    Doosan Infracore has set this year’s target for machine tool exports to India at US$40 million, up 30% from the US$31 million figure for 2006. The rapid growth in Indian sales stems from surging demand with the economic upturn in that country. Company officials also say that marketing efforts are now paying off. [ Janu...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • Past Performance and Future Plans Unveiled

    Doosan Infracore’s top executives briefed employees on last year’s performance results; the goals for the first half of 2007; and the mid-/long-term vision, strategies and future plans. President & CEO Choe Sung-chul presided over sessions at the Incheon Plant and Ansan Parts Center on February 6 as well as at Changwon Plant the...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • Advancement of Machine Tool Business Accelerates

    The Machine Tools BG will turn thirty years old in 2007 and recently acquired the machine tool unit from Doosan Mechatech. The BG is getting ready to serve as a major growth driver for Doosan Infracore, helping to ensure that the long-term vision is achieved. Some 1,300 people (including Vice Chairman Park Yong-man, Pres...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

  • New Year’s Addresses from the BG Chiefs

    Sales revenue in 2006 rose twenty-one percent year on year to US$800 million, while operating profit was up sixty-five percent. The coming year marks our 30th anniversary in the machine tool business, and our goal is to achieve W1 trillion (over US$1 billion) in sales revenue during 2007. We also expect operation profit to be ar...

    | Doosan Machine Tools

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