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[New Product] DBC 160

NC Boring Machine with Power and large capacity

The DBC 160 is a column moving type of high-capacity boring machine equipped with a Ø160 mm boring spindle to deliver the highest power and torque in its class. The machine design is optimized for processing a wide variety of large workpieces including valves used in industrial plants, ships, and the oil gas industry.

Powerful Cutting
The DBC 160 spindle is equipped with a 45 kW, 3-stage gearshift and a 160 mm diameter boring spindle, which is specially designed for stable machining when the W-axis extends by 800 mm. Equipped with the highest spindle power and torque in its class, the DBC 160 offers maximum performance for heavy duty machining, while its extended guideway span has increased structural rigidity and minimized vibration to enhance stability during heavy duty cutting, and the adoption of a hydraulic counter balance cylinder has stabilized Y-axis feeding.
During an operating test with the W-axis extended by 800mm, the new model's high-power spindle achieved the following chip removal rates: 1440 cm3/min in face milling; 1016.1 cm3/min in drilling, and M48 x 5 in tapping.

Precision Work in Largest Machining Area
The DBC 160 model accommodates workpieces with a diameter of up to Ø3400 mm and a maximum weight of 20 tons. With X/Y/Z axes travel distances of 4000/2500/1600 mm, respectively, the model offers the greatest machining area of all Doosan’s famous DBC Series. Its rotary table ensures accurate B-axis control with high-precision encoder and increased clamping force. In addition, linear scales are applied to all the axes as a standard feature, further increasing machining accuracy.

Convenience of CNC and Various Head Attachments
Operator's convenience has been further improved with an operation panel featuring the unique hot keys of the DBC Series and an operator-friendly ergonomic design. The standard, pendant-arm operation panel is tiltable horizontally and vertically for maximum user convenience. Among the Hot Key functions, Work Load Control has been adopted to enable the optimized setting of parameters according to the weight of the workpieces - a highly useful function when processing large workpieces.
The new model also offers diverse head attachment options to meet the specific requirements of our customers, such as CNC contouring head and angled head as well as delivering higher productivity and optimum flexibility.

Realizing customers needs with superior technology and optimum power, the new DBC 160 boring machine offers a highly rigid structure, heavy duty machining, and ultimate precision, thereby achieving unmatched productivity for large size workpieces.

Item Unit DBC 160
Boring spindle diametermm160
Table sizemm2000 x 2200
Max. spindle speedr/min2000
Max. spindle motor powerkW45/37
Max. torqueN·m3900
Travel distance (X/Y/Z/W axes)mm4000 / 2500 / 1600 / 800
Tool storage capacity (option)ea40 / 60 / 90
NC system-FANUC 31i