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| Doosan Machine Tools

[New Product] MD 6700

Next-Generation Vertical Machining Center for Accurate Mold Processing

The MD 6700 is a next-generation vertical precision mold machining center that is designed for the
processing of not only mold components and IT parts but also various workpieces requiring long
cycle times. The adoption of a hybrid guideway system and a high-speed servo magazine
guarantees higher productivity and precision accuracy.

The new model includes a hybrid structure that incorporates the advantages of both LM guides
and box guides for the more heavily loaded Y-axis. As a result, the model’s traverse speed has
been increased without any adverse impact on machining accuracy, and it is optimized for
workpieces requiring either high-speed or long-cycle machining processes.

To improve machining accuracy and surface roughness, it is equipped with a servo-driven
magazine instead of a CAM-type magazine, minimizing vibration as a result. Therefore, users can
continue to achieve smooth surface roughness even while selecting tools. The servo-driven
magazine, which can control the rotation speed, not only helps to improve the repeat accuracy and
position accuracy of workpieces but also shortens the tool search time by an impressive 30%
compared to existing models.

The MD 6700 achieves high-quality mold processing through the following five mold-processing
solutions: (1) the thermal displacement correction solution compensates for the positional
deviation caused by the expansion/contraction of the machine elements during extended periods
of machining; (2) the high-speed, high-precision contour control solution improves surface
roughness; (3) the tool monitoring system detects heavy loads, abnormal changes or tool wear
caused by workpiece material variation; (4) the optimal feed control solution enables the operator
to control RPM and feed while machining; and (5) the workload control system can control the
feedrate according to the load weight.

To facilitate the processing of various types of materials, the new model is also equipped with a
12000 r/min, 30 kW built-in spindle as a standard feature, while a 2-gear driven spindle with the
highest torque (950 N∙m) of its class is offered as an option.

To enable the machining of various types of dies and molds, the MD 6700 provides a maximum
allowable table-load of 2000 kg. Operator convenience has been maximized by the addition of a
front-end chip disposal system and a user-friendly operation panel.

Doosan Machine Tools' MD6700 is our next-generation vertical die and mold machining center that
delivers the highest processing capability over a wide variety of applications.

ItemUnit MD 6700
Max. spindle speedr/min12000 {8000}
Max. spindle motor powerkW30 {30}
Max. spindle motor torqueN∙m 420 {958}
Travel distanceX / Y / Z axesmm1300 / 670 / 670
Table sizemm1500 X 670
Table loading capacitykg2000
Tool specification-BT 50
Tool storage capacityea24 {30}

{ } Optional


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