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Lynx 2100 Series

Lynx 2100 Series

Lynx 2100 Series – the next generation of the Lynx Series, currently with more than 25000 sales worldwide – aims to deliver even greater customer satisfaction with its superior machining performance, reliability, and user convenience.



PR Article

[ New Product ] Lynx 2100 Series Doosan Machine Tools has launched the Lynx 2100 Series, an upgraded model of its global bestseller Lynx 220. The new Lynx 2100 Series is a 6/8inch CNC Turning Center suitable for machining valves, shafts, gears, flanges, housings, bolts, and other metal parts up to a maximum turning diameter and length of 350mm and 550mm, respectively. On the concept of “Reliability beyond expectations”, the Lynx 2100 Series features enhanced durability and operator convenience while maintaining the global-top-class cutting performance of the previous model.


Specification of the machine such as type, unit, std. chuck size, max. turning diameter, max. turning length, spindle speed, motor output, machine dimension etc.
Classification Unit Lynx 2100 Lynx 2100M Lynx 2100L Lynx 2100LM [LMS]
Max. Machining Diameter mm Ø350 Ø300 Ø350 Ø300
Max. Machining Length mm 330 290 550 510
Std. Chuck Size Inch 6 / 8
Max. Spindle Speed r/min 6000 / 4500
Max. Spindle Motor Power kW 15

Key Features

  • Lynx 2100, 2100L
    Superior Machining Performance
    • Equipped with a 15 kW high-power motor and further enhanced spindle and axis ball screw stiffness, the Lynx 2100 Series offers excellent cutting capability up to maximum turning diameter of Ø350 mm and maximum turning length of 550 mm
  • Lynx 2100, 2100L
    High Reliability
    • Excellent reliability is based on the adoption of a wider support structure, more stable bed, low vibration/noise spindle, servo-driven turret and a full slide cover for preventing coolant leaks and chips from penetrating the machine
  • Lynx 2100, 2100L
    Improved User Convenience
    • The CNC tailstock, new Easy Operation Package (EOP) and hot keys enable the user to operate peripheral devices quickly and conveniently. User convenience has been further enhanced with grease type lubrication and a lateral / rear side double-purpose chip conveyor