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Sketch-turn – Interactive Programming

Sketch-turn is DMT’s NC programming automation software that enables a user equipped with only very basic machining knowledge to create a machining program optimized for Doosan Machine Tools’ turning centers. Considering the actual sequence involved in the writing of programs, the main menus are arranged vertically from top to bottom, while detailed menus for each main menu are arranged from left to right, enhancing intuitive usability. The available data relating to tools and cutting conditions are stored in the database to allow the efficient management of machining knowledge, and the 3D simulation function provides a preview of the machined images.

Sketch-turn Main Screen


① Overview

Displays materials and procedures in a outline

② Main menu

The entire series of procedures for creating the NC code is arranged vertically from top to bottom in sequence

  • Program Management
  • - Setting material and machine data
  • - Managing the process list
  • - Setting the process (Inputting shape data, machining strategy, and cutting condition)
  • - Simulation
  • - Managing the turret and tool DB

③ Other information

Displaying error and execution-related message windows and soft keys

④ Submenu & Execution Screen

Inputting detailed items and checking machining simulation

Reducing the time required for programming and improving productivity

- Reduces the time required for programming by 50 to 70% compared to manual NC code writing

- Reduces the time required for programming by 90% or more through ‘copy and paste’/correcting when writing the code for similar workpieces

- Reduces the time required for testing before machining and detects errors in advance using 3D graphic simulation

- Optimized perfectly for Doosan machine tools, and requires no additional post-processing

프로그래밍 시간 단축, 생산성 향상

Major functions

  • - Program creation, change and deletion using the soft key

    - Timesaving through the ‘copy and paste’/correcting function when writing a part program similar to the existing one

    - Displaying the work plan

    - Displaying the NC code

    Quick-and-easy Program Management
  • - Supports 2-axis and C/Y axes processes for turning centers and includes a function for shaping patterns

    - 2 axes: Turning, groove, thread, drill, tap

    - C/Y axes: Drill, tap, slot, pocket and contour machining

    - Quick-and-easy process correction, insertion, deletion and copy, using the soft key

    Capable of supporting various processes
    Capable of supporting various processes
    Capable of supporting various processes
  • - Shapes can be defined and corrected quickly and easily using the shape list

    - Corrections can be made simply by inputting the shape data parameters

    - Allows shape storage and importation

    - Automatic calculation for complex drawings input

    Inputting simple shapes suited to each process
    Inputting simple shapes suited to each process
  • - Provides the expansion parameter menu to enable detailed adjustment of variables

    - Describes each variable in detail with an illustration

    - Using the tool DB, recommends the most appropriate tool and cutting condition for the current process

    - Machining data can be managed and re-used via storing/importing of the cutting condition

    User-friendly cutting conditions setup
  • - Identifies the tool path and G-code with ease

    - Allows the user to check Residual area and interference in advance

    - Provides various simulation modes and simulation speed control

    - Displays CNC data

    - Forecasts the machining cycle time

    3D Machining Simulation
  • - Makes tool selection easy using list visualization

    - Provides various detailed images and icons

    - Provides database management for tool/shape data and cutting conditions

    - Intuitively provides turret information similar to that of the machine

    Convenient Tool Management